Ziggy Stardust - 1969 Olympic Riviera Caravan Renovation

In February 2020 I found my dream vintage caravan; a gorgeous 1969 Olympic Riviera 16ft fiberglass caravan which I named Ziggy. For years I had dreamed of renovating a caravan and had saved so many inspiration images how I would decorate it. When the world went in to lockdown in March 2020, I got stuck in to renovating Ziggy. 

I did all of the work myself, learning as I went and created the caravan of my dreams. It was incredibly fun and motivating in a scary time. I created an instagram for Ziggy and filmed the process and which was a wonderful creative outlet over Covid. 

Through teaching myself new skills - how to wallpaper, how to close electrical sockets, how to close holes in fiberglass, how to install and remove caravan window latches, how to use a rivet gun, how to putty holes, how and what to use when painting the interior and exterior of a caravan. It was so creatively inspiring and I absolutely loved the creative process. Here is the original mood board I created:

Ziggy was such a magical space to relax and recharge in when the world felt scary and everything seemed uncertain. Ziggy became one of the most beautiful caravans you could ever find, filled with bohemian retro charm, and ended up being featured in Australian fashion labels: We Are Kindred & Nine Lives Bazaar photoshoot campaigns and featured in the Vintage Caravan Magazine.

Ziggy ended up being sold to Lizzie Renkert who fell in love with Ziggy on the We Are Kindred ‘Day Dream Believer’ campaign which was shot in Byron Bay. Ziggy is now in Sydney being loved by Lizzie and her family. 

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